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NYSED Projects

Attention NYSED K-12 Electronic Review Submitters

Due to a slight delay in the release of the new electronic review platform, D/LF Review, all new NYSED projects will continue to be submitted and uploaded via the current DFM platform until further notice. We do not anticipate a long delay, and will notify all participating firms as soon as D/LF is officially deployed.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Dataflow technology is behind the web-based plan review and approval of plans submitted to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) by Architects and Engineers for all capital construction involving buildings owned or operated by NYS School Districts or Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).

NYSED's new review system, powered by Dataflow, will reduce costs significantly and improve turnaround times; no small matter considering that NYSED was responsible for an average of over $2.5 billion of construction in recent years. 

Dataflow's technology replaces the former paper-based system.  It will also give school districts the option of using Dataflow's state-of-the-art on-line plan room bidding service in lieu of printed bidding.

School Districts will benefit by cost reductions in printing for NYSED reviews and contractor bidding, the eventual elimination of shipping costs and improved turnaround times.  Dataflow's system will also reduce the required storage area at NYSED for pre-and post-review documents.

With multiple Dataflow locations in Upstate New York, our employees are parents with children in local school systems.  We are also New York State taxpayers, happy to contribute to lower costs, which translate into lower tax bills. 

To submit a new project to the review process, please click here to continue to that process.

A document on submission guidelines is available here.

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