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Morgan Management Job Site Trailer

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Removable, reusable, reliable.

Job site trailers should look good too! In a recent project, Dataflow teamed up with Hanlon Architect's to create removable banners for a Morgan Management Company job site trailer. The project was a good reminder that with a little bit of creativity and a little more color just about anything can be transformed into a tasteful platform for marketing.

The problem: The job trailer in use was created with a large floor to ceiling chalk board along the whole back wall of the space. However, for an office space meant to be advertising a new, beautiful, community living center, the environment was a bit bleak. Unfortunately, the chalk board was not removable.

The Idea: In order to use the space effectively without ruining the original wall, thick, removable banners were created. The team hung the banners from cables in the ceiling panels and secured these panels to the floor boards with cables as well. They used an image which matched the marketing of other offices so that when the trailer was moved the banners could still be used in other trailers or company buildings.

The Outcome: Morgan Management Company now has a lovely temporary office space, with marketing banners that can be reused at a later date!

reusable banners
hanging banners
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