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Tapestry on the Hudson

Corporate/Environmental Branding

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One thing Dataflow takes pride in is that when we say we "print anything" we really mean that. So, when the Tapestry came to us to help better display their apartment housing for low to middle income families living in the Troy-Albany area we jumped to the task. The company wanted to have thier company logo displayed down the side of the 6.5 story building, originally constructed in 1899. 


The Tapestry is a corporation working to create beutiful, accessible housing for middle and low income families where a safe communial space my be created for healthy, happy living. The building is a historic landmark which has been renovated to be usable to the family set-up.The development boasts many sustainable and energy efficiency measures including a geothermal HVAC system for heating and cooling and a gas powered central hot water heater. Units will be individually equipped with meters and thermostats to support energy conservation and allow for water leak detection. The building will also be wired photovoltaic-ready for future solar electricity generation. In addition, the development involves the reconstruction of a seawall and the building of an elevated green space, irrigated with rainwater from the roof of the main building. Residents have the opportunity to participate in community gardening in the green space, and utilize the Troy Bike Path along the seawall at the rear of the property.

Project Goal 

In order to dispaly this the 67 unit, repurposed building proudly, and market the new project, the Tapestry was looking for a way to catch eyes. They called us here at Dataflow to see if we could find a way to print their logo down a 250 foot segment of their building. However, as a company which values creating products which will last in both durration and quality. We therefor spent some time deciding how to find a material which would last and work on a notably old brick surface. 

The outcome 

We decided the best way to get the wording desired would be to print out cut vynil stencils and then use a durable material to paint the letters on the cut spaces left by the stencil. Happily, the project turned out perfectly. The project spans the better part of the length of the building making a vibrant, visible brand.  

Tapestry 2 

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