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The Cukoo's Nest

Corporate/Environmental Branding

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The Vision:

The cuckoo's nest is the second restaurant to be purchased by former CIA agent Devon Ziemann and his wife Kaytrin Salla. It opened in September of 2017 in Albany, NY with the hope of creating an inviting new space to enjoy a meal with friends and fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a restaurant.  

The Space:

The Cuckoo’s Nest has repurposed and restored 1890’s building, previously held by a company called “Gingerman”, only a block away from the couple’s sandwich shop, Crave. Following in the footsteps of this high end wine bar and restaurant, Cuckoo was looking to freshen-up it’s look while maintaining the integrity and history of the old building.

The Product:

Dataflow produced Dibond parking signs, window graphic for the back door, a hanging sign in front and rebuilt a 2 ½”x10ft lightbox for the entryway. We printed their menu also printed their restaurant and bar menus. The work added a new, welcoming feel to the old space and help add life to the environment. It was a pleasure to participate in the redesign of the fabulous new restaurant.

Most of the former employees from the Gingerman stayed on to work for Cukoo. With the support of staff and community, the store opened to rave reviews and a fine article in the food section of the Albany Times Union. We hope you get a chance to go experience the new setting and wonderful food for yourselves!


hanging signage
day and night banner
light box signage
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