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Scanning and Archiving

A clean room is a clean mind.

Scanning and Archiving

No one is at their best in a cluttered environment. Most businesses have file cabinets stuffed to bursting with years of records and receipts, but even if your file cabinets are color coded and alphabetized, Dataflow has a better way. We can turn all of your valuable information into digital files that can be easily accessed with the click of a mouse. We have the capacity to turn millions of documents digital in a matter of weeks, and quality control professionals to make sure everything you send is easy to read and retrieve. Let us take care of the mess, so you can do your job at your best

We offer:

Index files for easy search and retrieval. 

Online cloud-based archiving available. 

We scan documents in your office or at ours. 

Any sized document can be scanned. 

Use your current file structure or we can create one.