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The DNA of Dataflow

About Us

In 1958, Dwight D Eisenhower was President and America was on a roll.  The prevailing attitude was “not only can we do this, but we can do it better, faster, smarter”.  That’s when our father, Dale Zimmerman, got together with a couple of colleagues and decided to start Dataflow.  Back then, several local high tech firms such as Singer Link, IBM and GE were working with NASA on the Apollo space program.  But they needed engineering drawing reproductions to help them document their designs.  And they needed a better way to archive their data.  Dale and crew responded with reprographic and microfilm solutions that helped speed the process along.  The Dataflow team listened to their clients, uncovered a need, and offered a solution. They became part of the effort that literally sent a man to the moon.

These concepts of connecting with our customers and finding creative solutions that allow you to do your job better and more profitably are infused in everything we do at Dataflow.  Our approach to business is built on the attitude that we need to continually hone our skills and look for better ways to get the job done, no matter the scope of job.  In fact, every year we give the “Whatever It Takes” award to an employee that does just that – listens, thinks creatively and does whatever it takes to get the most challenging job done right and on time for our client. 

Over the past half century, the technologies have evolved tremendously.  Microfilm is now scanning.  What was once a blueprint is now a smart file that scores of people can view and share online.  Black & white is now color.  Mass distribution of printed pages has given way to cloud based archives, tablets and printing just what you need, when you need it. Size is no longer a constraint, with prints as big as a building.  Yet while we have embraced all of these new and exciting technologies, we’ll never change our dedication to providing the very best customer service and in maintaining that "can do" attitude.

As you click through our website, we hope you’ll find just what you need.  Perhaps it’s a new media for a display or a better way to archive your documents.  You might even become inspired to start a new project.  But no matter what you find here on line, we encourage you to give us a call. After all, it’s our time honored tradition to listen, think creatively to find a better, faster, smarter solution for your project. 

Thanks for visiting us,
- Dan Zimmerman