The DNA of Dataflow

Dataflow is a family company. Founded by Dale Zimmerman in 1958, our initial mission was simple—help the large corporations in our area thrive by providing them with innovative new technologies. In the early years, our prime products were microfilm—a then revolutionary way to log data and drastically cut down on storage space, and blueprints – a specialized printing technique that was as much art as science. While we’ve always had a soft spot for mom-and-pop shops, in the early years it was contracts with IBM and NASA that kept the lights on. But nothing lasts forever; after decades of contracting for IBM, the corporation moved its manufacturing plants out of the area. We needed to change, and we needed to do it fast. We were flying by the seat of our pants, but we listened to our clients’ needs, looked for solutions, and found products to meet new demands. It was an important moment for us, we learned to adapt, and we haven’t stopped ever since.

From the advent of color printing to the massive impact of the internet, our field has been changing for years, and we’ve learned to change with it. In fact, we like to think that adapting to change with creativity and innovation is part of our DNA. We now have satellite locations all across New York, and we’re doing things no one else in our industry would even consider. We put our printers in our customer’s shops and use cloud-based technology to archive their orders so that any drawing or design is easy to reproduce any time, any place. Instead of specializing in one field of print, we’ve made ourselves experts in dozens.

Our mission has changed a bit, but it’s still as simple as it was decades ago—We believe high-quality print services and data management should be available to everyone, quickly, conveniently and reliably. We’re confident we can provide anyone with a better print experience, so why not check us out? Who knows? It could be time for a change.

When You’re Ready, We’re Here For You.