Strings of Success

April 29, 2024

Inside Dataflow’s Creation of Card Chords’ Award-winning Trade Show Display

Every once in a while we come across a client with a vision that puts us to the test. Such was the case with Card Chords, whose flagship product – a card placed between a guitar’s fretboard and strings to guide beginner players – needed to make a splash at industry trade shows. They had already been turned away by over twenty sign builders before they approached JAX Signs, the specialty signage division of Dataflow.

Their vision was clear: they wanted an oversized guitar neck with LED backlighting and front illumination, showcasing the simplicity and effectiveness of Card Chords’ product. This was just the beginning of the challenge. This project required a blend of woodworking, metalworking, mechanical and electrical expertise, along with seamless coordination between physical and graphic design work. On top of that, the display also had to be easily transportable, breaking down into a shippable crate that could be reassembled for multiple shows.

This challenge excited us, and Jax Signs eagerly embarked on the task of designing a dynamic display to meet the customer’s specifications – an 11-foot guitar neck, 8 x 10-foot graphic background, and a giant moving Card Chord within the strings. Sign Foam was utilized for the guitar neck, Duratex 13oz Banner material for the backdrop, and a motorized slider to move a Card Chord replica back and forth under bungee cord guitar strings. The team at JAX Signs engineered the display using lightweight, structurally stable materials, ensuring Card Chords could break down and reassemble their ambitious display for years to come. But it wasn’t just about the materials – it was about the vibrant prints that brought the display to life. The graphic aspect of the display went beyond the branded background, featuring realistic specialty cut prints on the guitar neck and moving Card Chord.


The result? A culmination of design and engineering that, according to Card Chords, captivated audiences at trade shows across the country. We’ll have to confess our own sense of satisfaction with the project. Our builders, designers and printworkers all delivered excellent work, which we are happy to say was commemorated with a 2024 Big Picture “Best of Wide Format” Award.

At Dataflow, we thrive on challenges like these – transforming ambitious visions into reality with our expertise in print, design and fabrication. If you have a groundbreaking product or tool that needs a show-stopping design, look no further than Dataflow.

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